This Technology Will Revolutionize Humanity

I have envisioned this device for a while:

- I don't know when it will come.

- It will replace all phones on the planet.

- It will make the internet as we know it obsolete.

- It will allow communication at a quantum level broadcasting a quantum field.

- It will be integrated with our biology with the option of having it turned on or off.

- It will scan anything with a DNA field in front of you.

- It will provide all information about that field while referencing your own DNA field.

- It will interpret all intention so the guesswork out of what people mean will be taken out of the equation. It will all be based on what they feel and intend to feel. No misinterpretation will be possible.

- It will interface with some type of cloud or hive functionality around the world in real-time making this the fastest mode of communication on the planet. It will be instant....quantum.

- If you're on it, people will know where you are, why you are there, what you are feeling and what you are doing if you want them to (automatic turn off feature when you go to the bathroom)

- Sexual energy will broadcast through this method if desired to enhance the sexual experience.

- You will go to a mall and the mall interfaces with this system to guide you to what you need rather than you looking for it at the mall.

- No person will come into your life without you knowing they are connected to you on many levels

- All ads will be catered to only your field, specifically designed for you.

- No two fields are a like so your field will have a unique signature like your finger print.

- It will interface with every piece of technology that exists, thus, there will be no secrets or ways of keeping things hidden from others anywhere in the world. They will know what you are about instantly. Privacy will take on a different meaning.

- The most remarkable feature of this technology is that it will gather like minds (or like fields) wherever they are in the world.

- Tribes, lineages and family members will become clear

- It will clearly show that matter is moments of quantum manifestations of interacting fields

- Quantum patterns of like attracting like and opposites simultaneously will be established from a very young age

- All broadcasts will measure resistance and thus impositions will be a thing of the past, however resistance will also stabilize the greater cloud

- The last on board with the technology will be nations invested in conflict and control.

- The technology will eventually morph and interface beyond this planet to other versions of you in other parts of the galaxy

- Much more to come

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