It's All You

We often don’t like to accept that it’s all us. That we create it all.

We like to pass the buck on to another things, people or experiences that made us feel a certain way we didn’t enjoy.

But who designed that experience? What makes us believe that we will only design experiences that make us feel good about ourselves and never less than? That’s being human. We have self-imposed limitations that we agreed to. Otherwise we would not be here on this planet experiencing the physics that we do.

Obviously you can anything you like but you don’t. Why is that? Why can’t you fly? Why can’t you read all minds? Why can’t you change and entire planet’s consciousness? Why can’t you completely change your reality overnight? You can. You can do all those things. You choose not to. Because too much power is scary, and when you get it, all you want to do is delegate it. That’s a safer place. It’s all you. So if life sucks it’s because of your perception that life sucks because that is your design. That’s the safe place.

If you really don’t want life to suck, try being a place that is not so cozy and comfortable, and you may see incredible things happen because you were willing to step into the unknown, as scary a place as that may be.

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