DNA Broadcasting

DNA has an incredible ability to broadcast its quantum field through a transceiver relationship between its host and the host’s environment. There is a layering of these fields from the smallest cellular mechanisms to the largest parts of our galaxy. DNA broadcast does not terminate within Planet Earth. It’s a quantum device connected to an infinite number of frequencies spanning the Multi-Universe. All based on you. What you think, feel, intend, and how you love, hate, anger, all directly affect the broadcast. This is all virtual. Nothing is really travelling anywhere because there is only one from a non-duality perspective. However, in the physical world we live in based on the duality matrix, we have a time space continuum, and frequencies create relationships and consequently travel considerably beyond the planet because they assist other galaxies to form a specific consciousness. It will eventually be measured and quantified and taught to the youngest generations of our planet. How what we do here, influences so many others out there.

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