Asleep, Awakening, Awakened, WAF?

Are we ever just one of these or always in a state of being all three simultaneously? How can we be ever be in an awakened state if consciousness is always awakening to what it is every moment? How can we be asleep when the dream world is really no different than the worlds of those awakened. Many love to claim they are awakened and enjoy claiming others are still asleep. Iā€™m an awakened female seeking an awakened male or vice versa. What does this mean exactly? Perhaps it means we seek a version of ourselves in others. So we create enough of a contrast to see that some people are tuned into very different things than we are, and this separates them from what we are. We can then go on being something different than they are and align with those we have the most affinity. In that case, I align with those who are asleep, I align with those who are awakening, I align with those who are awakened, because I am all of them at the same time.

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