Two of The Most Terrifying Things For People

The first is that they are all that is. This alone is the single most terrifying thing human beings are unwilling to accept because it suggests they are responsible for creating their reality. It requires an acceptance of their omnipotent and omnipresent powers outside of the limited human construct. If we are all that is simultaneously living through a physical vessel, naturally we can do anything we like, but we choose not too. And that is a consciousness that the egoic self prefers to resist because it perceives this kind of power as something that should always be used for the good of all where bad has no place.

The second thing that is closely aligned with the first is that source is indifferent. That is, that source, creator, God, all that is, whatever you like to call it, is indifferent to outcomes of anything within its creation. It suggests that there really is no consequence or difference between good/bad or right/wrong in the world except that which we define from the human perspective. Seeing both light and dark energies as solely expanding and contracting reciprocal mechanisms of consciousness is not realistic for those strongly invested in labeling the two extremes as right/wrong in their experience. It means we would embrace that all violence, injustice and horror in the world has as much a place in the creation of our reality as peace, joy and everything we perceive as love. That concept alone is sheer terror for the majority of humanity.

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