Connection I feel is something I strive for. And it's only possible because of separation. It's one reason I love stepping into nature, because nature is inherently linked to everything else. Without separation, nature or connection is not necessary. Whether it's perceived as comfortable or uncomfortable, doesn't really matter as long as I feel the connection. My initiatives are somewhat selfish because the more I can connect and engage with others the more I see who I am. Others are inextricably linked to what I am, otherwise I would not experience them at all. It is the connection with people that gives me clarity on my identity, and regardless of how that connection fits into the equation of my experience, I love it. I love it all because you invite me to share something with you for the same reason I invite you to share something with me...a connection. Thank you for allowing me into your world to share what you are so I could share what I am. I love you. I am you.

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