Ella - Template For a New Consciousness

A beautiful baby girl comes into the world.  It is a world with incredible tools which can measure DNA fields and patterns of consciousness...a world that can literally plot and quantify a human being's interactions with everything.  Her name is Ella.  She is what could be considered a new human species.  She looks like every other human, but her DNA works so differently that her field of consciousness is far more advanced than any other recorded. 

As she grows her parents notice she starts walking at six months.  By 1 year she can already run like a child triple her age.  By 1.5 years she is so advanced in verbal communication that she can discuss concepts in different languages and form full paragraphs.  By 2 years, Ella could explain fractal geometry and concepts related to Quantum Physics.  

She begins to remember who she was and why she is here.  By age 3, her parents realize she cannot follow any type of linear structure.  She can only live day to day based on what she is experiencing at this moment.  She struggles with the time construct on Earth and scheduling anything becomes a chore as Ella is always so joyful about the moment. Even thinking about the future takes her away from where she wants to be.  The past becomes a reality she never revisits unless it is to explain how other lives have influenced this one.  The basis of her experience is formed from the now moment at all moments.

Her brain is wired very differently than other humans.  By age 5 she understands all the complexities in both the secular and non-secular world that enable her to explain and clarify true Universal phenomena to those studying them for decades.  By any standard she would be considered a gifted genius.  As other parents begin reporting children with the same gifts, she realizes she is not alone.

By age 7, Ella comes to accept that her environment is different from others.  It changes from day to day and never the same.  Her living arrangements change as she changes the physics of her living arrangements.  She manipulates matter with such precision that matter responds to her field of consciousness because she is one with it.  Matter that she separates herself from is not the same when she returns to it because she changes the imprint of that matter within her field  at each visit.  She stays connected to everything and everyone she comes in contact with.  She feels the vibration, the love in everything.  

As Ella reaches her teenage years, she moves on to explore her gifts.  She has no fear of the unknown and in fact embraces it at every turn.  She wakes up every morning without a clue where she is going or what she will do for the day.  She simply follows her intuition and it guides her where she needs to be.  When Ella encounters anger, anxiety, fear or  struggle she transitions these experiences to love with gratitude and appreciation for those moments and how they shaped other aspects of her consciousness.  Ella has never experienced sorrow and explains to others why the concept of sorrow will eventually not be an emotion experienced by humanity in the next millennia.  

Ella has full control of her body.  No disease can penetrate it without her permission.  She is a being of balance, whose terrain is uninhabitable by organisms which do not seek balance.  She has never known disease and never will.

Ella embarks on a journey to teach others in the world how to live more joyful and peaceful lives, how to change DNA frequencies, connect to matter and be at one with Gaia and the planet.  She shows the world how our filters and patterns of awareness relate to every moment we have lived and develops specific techniques to change a person's behavior from hatred and fear to love and compassion.  How the past does not need to influence the present and how the future is only a concept put forth through this moment.  

Thousands begin to relate to her teaching and realize they have the same gift themselves, and simply needed the right words and intention to realize it.  She forms alliances with others like her around the world and a duality of concepts in how she can do what she does begins with others in an older consciousness who resist it.

It is a story of how the nature of one woman, self taught,  inspired millions to see the beauty within themselves.  It's about true romance within the human being and how acceptance for who we are helps us grow fond of others, while seeing all connections to what is the one soul.  A tale of how cities and eventually nations adopted unconditional love and how they broadcast that love of self to affect all other worldly processes from politics to corporations, health and well being.  How humanity can live double their expected lifespan by controlling their DNA through expression and intent.