Why Lose Your Ego?

If we’re constantly insisting that people lose their ego and wake-up, we are effectively dismissing aspects of themselves they require to move beyond their current state of consciousness.  And since their current state of consciousness is exactly where it must be, the mere suggestion of losing an intimate part of themselves they cannot lose, becomes a fairly redundant exercise.  The constant need to label ourselves and others as empaths, intuitives, indigos, or clair-anything is also redundant in the grand scheme of what we are on this planet.  We are all these things and we all have these gifts.  Emphasizing them at nauseam makes others feel less than if they have not recognized their own gifts. 

By the same token, if empaths must label narcissists, it focuses on a separation of complement frequencies rather than uniting and seeing the beauty in each which is reciprocal.  There is nothing wrong with narcissists.  We need them as much as we need empaths to create the specific harmonics required for the patterning of new realities.  Placing narcissists in a category of undesirable personalities that we must avoid shows far more about our consciousness than theirs.

Let ego be what is so wants to be.  Give it love and compassion, let it express when angry and give it a break.  It will always be with you and it's a precious part of what you are.