If You're Going To Feel Like and Victim or a Perpetrator, Enjoy It.

We feel like victims when we align our vibration with perpetrators.  That is the alignment, otherwise we cannot align with being a victim at all.  Because victims need perpetrators and perps need victims.  It's a beautiful relationship.  

Think of all the movies we watch.  They are all based on victims and perps, and they make among the most exciting films on the big screen, especially if the victim wins, then everybody is happy.  If the perpetrator wins, who does the director think he is writing that crap?  ;)    

If the right/wrong paradigm of belief there is both victims and perpetrators, so we will always align with one more than the other.  It can never be 50/50.  There must be a bias at all times and we always interacting with both in a constant tug of war where one is extracting whatever it needs from the other.  So we can't be a victim without being a perp ourselves in some area of our lives, and vice versa.  It may be consciousness or subconscious, but it's always part of our superconscious.  

Insisting on victims or perps is simply levels of the game.  So how far do you go before you stop seeing a victim as a victim or a perp as a perp?  Can you see an adult physically abuse a defenseless child or an elderly without invoking the response?  In the moment, probably not, but after the event, after you've had time to reflect, as if we are to assume we are all one, we may start to see the delicate relationship between both the victim and perpetrator as one moving machine that needed to be what it was.

What if we could transition the need to be fixated on the process of one right or wrong being a problem?  A place where we feel ok with being a victim if we need to.  I want to enjoy being a victim today.  I'm going to bathe in all my victimhood because I feel sick, and now I want to be taken care and babied because of all the horrible things that have made there way to my precious self and are making me feel terrible.  Love me, take care of me.  Because today I love being a victim. 

It's beautiful...we all do this...enjoy that process.

We associate with the vibration of both, so we are going to associate with other victims and other perpetrators as long as we want to continue playing the game of seeing them as separate.  After all, that is what makes it exciting.  Anybody that can point out a perpetrator or victim is one who recognizes it in themselves.  They are the teachers of our own vibration...if we were not aligned with it, we would not experience it in any way.  Can we sit in a peaceful place and observe who beautifully each role serves the other, and when want to be the good or bad guy...we enjoy it, outside the moralist perspective and simply in a place of joy.