Wound Healing

I do a fair amount of repairs and renovations and it's rare but sometimes I will cut my hand or fingers right open (close to needing stitches). I could immediately build a consciousness around the fear of this event, that the wound won't heal, that I should have been more careful, that safety protocols should have been better observed, that I can't continue the project and thus will now fall behind and I don't have time during the next week, etc.

OR I could immediately build a consciousness to observe the beauty of wound healing, to take time to nurture it, slow down my pace, welcoming the consciousness of the instrument that created the wound for it aligned as much with the would healing as it did in creating the wound itself. Thank you for showing me how my skin can be ruptured to somewhat disrupt my pattern of living. And I invited this instrument into my life to show me all of this. The instrument has many functions, and this is certainly one of them that I cannot exclude from its role within me.

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