Ecstasy Requires Darkness

All ecstasy requires darkness....eventually, so that ecstasy can once again come out to play. You'll never be floating on a high vibrational fluffy cloud forever because there is always contraction and expansion. So the future will have ecstasy but will also have darkness, simply different forms of contractions that are more tolerable, but they will indeed be forms of darkness because without those there is no expansion. No incarnate comes to be rewarded or for a mission on this planet because this is very much an ego-based mentality. It comes from the human. Soul purpose comes from the human. The soul does not have purpose. It simply is. Achievement is not the goal of incarnating. You don't need a mission to just dance. It's play. Again, missions are very much a concept developed by the ego itself. Because humanity is often intertwined with wanting to be better. Wanting to be better is a human thing because if the Universe had to be better than what it is, it would be that already.