Transitioning a Consciousness

Some days we need to take time to reflect on our words, our energy, the way we communicate and interact with others. We often develop uncomfortable patterns with different types of personalities and they become so ingrained in our consciousness that it’s very difficult to transition them, especially if we are attempting to force a state of comfort via rejection of uncomfortable states. These uncomfortable patterns often come in the form of experiences with people at work and play. They come from our own thoughts of ourselves, interpretations of our lives, how we love or lack love for our own state of being. That then reflects how we perceive others love us.

If it's not fun to play in the same playground any longer, especially if it becomes repetitive with the same types of uncomfortable experiences, it’s time to transition the people and experiences which support this consciousness. Years can go by with the same instrument of discomfort being invited into your field, and every time it comes to play, you will entertain it. Until one day how we entertain ourselves changes. We can quickly come to the discovery that our tools of amusement are being eclipsed, outdated and outclassed by other forms of entertainment. People and specific lifestyles can then transition as immediate as this awareness comes upon us. Suddenly what is perceived as abusive and manipulative tools of our creation (in the form of others) will evaporate, and reconnecting or interacting with these tools moving forward becomes only an experience in illness or discomfort supporting illusions that have previously been exposed. The game dissolves which can then leave many unanswered questions.

So which game will you keep playing until it is no longer comfortable? Are you always attracting the same patterns and if so why? If people make you feel uncomfortable, tell them why. If they don’t respond and continue the same behavior, tell them again. The next question should be why do you have to keep telling them? Why are they not responding? Which process is on loop? Can you recognize it? How are these people making you feel? Why are they continuing the same behavior with you? How are you supporting it? This rinse and repeat cycle will continue until the need to invite a catalyst of comfort or discomfort ends. That cycle of time relates to how we stand in our power as a designer of a game that supports the way we choose to love and play. What is always left is a consciousness that supports everything that we are.

Transitioning of a consciousness is a beautiful thing as it can take a moment or lifetime to realize it, but when it comes there is no denying it, and it gives us a wonderful opportunity to reflect and design another model more conducive to a greater state of peace we all enjoy more in our lives.

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