Expanding and Contracting Consciousness Through Pain

How often do you let yourself be hurt so you expand from that contracted state?  How often do think others do the same for you? 

Why do we allow a child to take their first steps unassisted knowing they may fall?  Why do we put them in the deep end of a pool with us, sometimes in a state of discomfort and fear so they may learn to tread water on their own?  How does a child come to recognize that a hot stove is often paired with pain and injury?  They are all circumstances where we have come to understand that discomfort and pain lead to growth not only for children, but our own consciousness.  Some call it experience, others wisdom, but ultimately it's an understanding that growth is often preceded by experiences we may perceive as painful and uncomfortable.

Now what's common in all of the situations above is that there is support when needed.  When the child is walking towards a dangerous area, we cushion it or create detours...when the child suffers from fatigue in the water we will give them assistance with their buoyancy...when a child repeatedly approaches a hot stove we may allow them to get just close enough to really feel the heat but yet deter a burn. 

We place them in situations where there is a potential of injury but it is controlled and managed by those with the experience to funnel them into growth rather than fear. This is what we often do for those we love dearly.  With every contraction within a consciousness there is inevitably an expansion. 

But that expansion comes from the same source of wisdom that created the contraction, it’s just expressed in a different way.  Out of the contraction of a perceived pain comes an expansion of a perceived beauty, strength, resilience and joy.  But why did we position ourselves where we feel fear, discomfort, pain, anxiety, guilt and anger?  Because you are a master of energy.  You will never commit to any experience within your field of being without it serving you, otherwise you would not experience it at all.  So although it may seem like it does not serve, it absolutely does often in ways we may not have imagined at this moment because imagination comes from the known, but what is you largely comes from the unknown, because if you knew it, the game would be over and you may shed this physical vessel.  So we don't go there until we really feel it's time.  We continue to play this game instead. 

And in this game, what serves you and anybody around you is not something we can state with any certainty because we play in such a brilliantly woven patterned consciousness creating a density that seems all too real beyond the energetic beings that we are.  It's fun so we play masterfully never admitting we are masters. 

As long as you are willing to expand your consciousness, you will always experience a contraction, and vice versa.  Sometimes these experiences manifest as pain which are still ultimately you.  What serves you is exactly what you are doing right now.  And you will keep doing it until it no longer serves the consciousness in which you are embracing…the consciousness to which you are attached.  Because you are always attached to something.  If you weren’t you would not be here attached to that physical body.

If you want to "let go"of something, it also comes with an acknowledgement that what we want to "let go" of, also requires that you to hang on to it.  That is the duality construct of our reality.  What we resist persists because of the emphasis we place on countering a consciousness within us.  We can strive to embrace peace rather than be against struggle. We can be active without being resistant.

In that place we discover that being better than we are is an illusion and a perspective of our reality we construct in a game of our own design.  You are playing beautifully.  Bravo.

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