Patterned Consciousness

Patterns of consciousness relate to everything we know about our existence.  From the smallest particles to the largest galaxies, there expressions all relate to patterns.  You can see the repeating sequences like Fibonacci where numeric representations repeat themselves over and over in nature. And then these sequences divide into smaller ones creating fractals hence everything in our reality as we know it is based on a patterned consciousness and our reality does not exist in density without that.  

As fractal patterns weave into different arrangements  they create different expressions in consciousness through contraction and expansion.  A muscle expresses a different pattern when it contracts than when it expands.  A rock is a far denser pattern of consciousness than a human being.  You can’t really phase a rock out of being a rock without violently disrupting its pattern of being, either through some kind of shock or explosive force.  It’s stuck in a vibrational phase which is a very solid state of existence consisting of dense tightly woven patterns related to time.  If a human being expresses its patterns in seconds then another consciousness may be able to express itself in one billionth of our seconds and may have several lifetimes within that consciousness.  For example, if a consciousness expresses its lifetime in one billionth of our seconds and it were to observe us, we would appear as non-moving or barely moving subjects.  So theoretically we could then suggest that the most dense things on planet Earth are living in a time space continuum much slower than our own and consequently they don’t appear to move even though they are moving.  Even through they are in the same dimension, they are moving but we just don’t notice it because it is far slower pattern than our own reality.  That’s why it takes millions of years to see Grand shifts in patterns on the planet because things move according to the dominant consciousness in which it resides.  A dense consciousness makes things very slow because it serves other patterns that are moving faster.  So there’s always one model of consciousness that is serving another. 

Throughout the pattern assignments of this planet we created a vibrational platform that could house a wide range of geological formations, plant and animal life interspersed with incredible diversity in elements composing water and gases which create critical systems of interaction between all of these things.  Land masses change, climate changes, humans and all life on the planet begins to change all as a result in changes in consciousness, human consciousness, Gaia consciousness and the consciousness of our entire galaxy all working as one functioning unit, and this can be tracked every axial precession which is the slow continuous change in the orientation of an Earth’s rotational axis which happens every 25,000 years or so.

All of these patterns influence our solar system because they align with and are influenced by the same process. So you can never be in a consciousness you’re not supposed to be in because already in it.  It’s part of that design.  If we examine human consciousness it follows suit.  As soon you notice you’re in a pattern you don’t want to be in, or figure you’re not supposed to be in, it’s in retrospect because by some intent whether, conscious,subconscious or superconscious you’ve already at some point in some realm assembled a pattern of consciousness  you are experiencing at this moment.  So it’s never wrong and it’s never right, it’s what you have invited it to be for the interpretation at that point in time in your state of consciousness.  And you can use your imagination in what can fall within the rules of that game.  For example if you are used, abused, harassed, assaulted, raped, whatever scenario for victimization suits your sensibilities, you may take it down the road of acceptable and not acceptable.  You may accept that you created an environment for yourself that led down the road of pain and hardship in ways where you see your role in that experience but you may not see your role in an experience where you were vulnerable, for example being raped or viciously assaulted.  You may draw the line there and think “how could I have possibly created this experience for myself,” so violent, so helpless.  I’m not that kind of person.  Well, you may not be that kind of person, but you have a consciousness that has catered to it at one extreme or the other.  So both poles are in full operation and then you resonate with an experience at a level that is you, but you are not aware of it consciously.  If you don’t accept that we create these patterns, then you likely accept a victim/perpetrator relationship or that something was done to you outside of your creation…you didn’t design it, didn’t intend on participating in it so it not yours.  Yet there you are in the middle of that experience. 

So what made it come about?  It’s a pattern.  A pattern of thought, a prewiring of consciousness planted in our DNA through some means, epigenetic triggers, coded sequences according to past experiences….there are countless ways that we are immersed in an experience of our own design.  Nobody wants to design hardship, struggle and difficulties for themselves consciously, but at other levels of consciousness that we may not be aware of there is an entirely different structure of experience happening based on what we are, what we know, what we have been and what we choose to be at this moment….they all collide in a matrix of experience of what is you.

You can extrapolate examples of this in how our societies operate.  We fix ourselves on patterns based on both poles, so compassion and fear, love and hate etc.  You want to be part of society, here’s the pattern, drive according to the rules, abide by all laws, administer drugs when necessary, etc., according to what society has deemed acceptable.  Sway from that pattern and there are consequences.  Society knows what’s good for you and your safety so you are funneled into a pattern of choices.  There is an imposition of patterns whether you consciously like them or not.  Now you can go be a hermit, live off the grid, be a monk and dissociate from society, but then you are not fitting into a recognized pattern so you can’t do that among a conforming group of citizens who all agree we have to be and act a certain way.  Gotta be part of the team.  If you sway from the moralist perspective meaning you deviate from the extremes of right and wrong, then you will eventually be faced with a consciousness that wants to impose that view on you.  And in any developed society with laws and structure we can see that everything results in violence if we don’t all conform.  If you’re not wearing your seat belt you can receive a ticket and financial penalty according to the law and if you get enough of those you will lose your driving privileges, and then if you decide to keep driving after losing driving privileges you will eventually be confronted with police, your vehicle will be towed, resist and you will be taken to jail through force.  All because you didn’t choose to wear a seatbelt.  It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t wear seatbelts.  We should it protects our lives, but there is no choice for you in the matter without the end result coming to violence.  This is an example that sets up a behavioral pattern that is reinforced by society in everything we do.  It’s an imposing pattern that laws, the judicial system and policing bring to society. 

We must conform otherwise there will be chaos and anarchy and since anarchy involves absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, that pattern is a threat to others based on their controls based on limitation and restriction.  Do what we do.  Do what we say.  Because we need to know what’s happening next. We cannot allow things to just be because that does not follow a pattern that we are comfortable with….it is too scary.  Staying within the known allows a developed society to continue structure, control, rigidity and then enforcing consequences if that pattern migrates. See the more we confine ourselves to dense patterns of consciousness the more rigid we become and the more we lose our ability to be flexible at other levels.  The law is a perfect example of that.  You can’t do anything within the government system of most nations without going through layers of paper work, rules and regulations that must be met. To even take one step within that system, you need to go through all the hoops.  It gets so complex that the branches within these systems can’t even communicate with each other.  You see this in large corporations as well where there is a disconnection between levels of operation between departments and divisions which create many dysfunctions in how they operate with the public.  The more complex a pattern becomes within its rigid controls, the less likely it can accommodate a consciousness that invites freedom of movement and freedom of expression.  And so that fosters a pattern within human consciousness that supports that construct.  So you can’t just walk across the street at any time because you are not aware of how dangerous that is for you.  You cross where we tell you to cross, otherwise you fit the pattern of jaywalking, and we have designated that pattern as endangering your life or the lives of others so it’s not an acceptable behavior and thus it’s our way or a penalty.   

So what’s this leading to.  Well eventually laws will not be what they are today, prisons as we know them will not exist, policing will redefine itself, government will evolve to promote a greater degree of freedom for the individual, and educational, health, the military and pharmaceutical industrial complexes will all change or fall.  That is what’s coming because society is shifting towards freedom of expression regardless of the pattern.  Inevitably this will change human consciousness.  It will invite more people to be themselves with less imposition to be somebody else.  It will lead to more creativity, ingenuity, invention and a technology that is coming that will blow you away in terms of integration, driverless vehicles (no more speeding tickets or accidents), a system of free expression that caters to your uniqueness (enter a mall and the mall knows exactly what you need instead of you looking for it), technology that will allow you to integrate and align with any human being on the planet based on an alliance of commonalities rather than differences.  

Because we have tried to fixate patterns of consciousness onto others this is the first thing that will change and you see it changing.The system is changing from a system that is imposing to one that is accommodating of all expressions. So human consciousness is now transitioning to one that will appear to be absent of rules, absent of laws, absent of government, absent of policing because the pattern by design is one that accommodates fluidity rather than rigidity.I’m going to speak more about this in upcoming segments and explain what the next century is going to like based on not only what humans are becoming but how this will benefit our species in ways we never could have imagined.

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