Human Templates

One of the things we do very well is tune into the specific templates of others that hold a fractal of our own resonance since all resonance is fractals of frequency.  So we gather data from the template of others to modify our own so that we shift resonance according to what own consciousness is inviting.

Even if another template appears very different, there still is enough resonance that matches our own.  So when we say it doesn't resonate that is at a conscious level...because at a superconscious level it absolutely does resonate otherwise you wouldn't be experiencing it at all.   WE cannot experience anything within our field of awareness that we are not a match to vibrationally, like a radio station…you’re not going to pick up a signal unless the receiver can tune into the broadcast feed from the transmitter

As soon as we interact with a contrast, we immediately have a choice to perceive it as something that's comfortable or uncomfortable, and then we label it according to our own moral compass, often without an awareness that we designed it.   In a system of duality, which is what we experience on the planet, we may feel like a victim because we align with the frequency that is the perpetrator, that is the alignment, otherwise you cannot align with being a victim at all, because victims need perpetrators and perps need victims.  It's a beautiful relationship and it is all part of that harmonic which integrates very well within our field of being.   

Think of all the blockbusters we watch at the movies.  Most of them are victim/perpetrator based because we feel good when the victim turns into the hero and smashes the perpetrator a la Marvel or DC comics storyline.  In the right/wrong paradigm there are both heroes and villains so you will always align with one more than the other.  It can never be 50/50 or there is no game.  There must be a bias with one or the other and you are aligning in some way with both at all times, extracting whatever one aspect of consciousness invites the other to serve. 

So you can't be a victim without being a perpetrator yourself in some area of your life, and we may be completely unaware of it until it surfaces.  It’s like an iceberg and all you see are the physical manifestations of the iceberg at the top without every noticing what’s going on in the subconscious beneath the water.  If you identify with victims you must identify with the other side of the equation.  In a non-duality platform both the victim and perpetrator are one but this takes us out of the game…the credits role and we realize it was just a movie.  It’s about levels.

How far do you go before a victim is no longer a victim and a perp is no longer becomes a perp. Just actors in game by your design.   If we can transition the need to be fixated on one winning or losing, the game changes.  Suddenly you’re ok with the villain coming out on top imposing its will on the victim.  We see this all the time in the animal and insect worlds and we don’t think much of it…it’s nature, but when it comes to humans even though we are part of that same environment, the moral standard we pursue elevates the human being above natural laws. 

One way to transition victim/perpetrator consciousness is to accept it and release the need to attach to either side.  It’s the attachment which is rooted in a suffering consciousness.  So feel ok with being a victim if you need to.  There’s nothing wrong with it and at times sends us to this safe space where we can be alone and reflect.  I'm going to enjoy feeling like a victim today because I have the flu, so I deserve to be taken care of because of the horrible symptoms that have made there way to my precious self.  Love me take care of me.  Because today I love being a victim.  And it feels good.  It's not a problem.  It’s a perception. 

Anybody that can point out a victim is one who recognizes it in themselves…same with perpetrators.  They are the teachers of our own vibration, and if we were not aligned with them, if they were not resonating with what we are, we simply would not interact with them or the experience in any way. 

If we could not play this game of contrast, we wouldn’t be here.  This is the game.  Density to light and light back to density.  That is the spiral of creation and it happens through a system of duality beautifully interwoven with non-duality.  Because one implies the other and you can’t have one without the other.   So why not enjoy it?  Take yourself through some of the most horrific imaginations where you are the victim and see if you can pop out of that state and embrace the perpetrator. 

I’ve done it with my daughter who is very precious to me and I’ve gone through the cycles of compassion towards a perpetrator who takes her life.  Because in some realm of existence it has happened, many times, where my daughter was violently murdered and I had to come face to face with that perpetrator.  And most of the time it ended in his death or both our deaths and many of those deaths were violent as well.   Could I come face to face after the death of my daughter, and look into the perpetrators eyes who raped, and dismembered her body.  Could I find forgiveness regardless of the circumstances of what he did?  Could I hug him and embrace him in his remorse if any?  Could I transition the need to kill or imprison him so he doesn’t do it again?  Could I leave him alone with another daughter of mine knowing what he has done?  All levels of compassion to realize that he is me just like my daughter is me.  These are exercises, there are not for everybody, but you can place yourself in scenarios to train a victim/perpetrator mindset to see both sides as one.  Pick the battle that’s comfortable and take yourself through it.  You’ll find a sense of peace that place and realize how beautifully victims and perpetrators serve each other so well.

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