Order and Disorder - Entropy and Negentropy

We create the entire Universe out of nothing beyond space and time which we cannot measure within it.  The universe can be created and unfolded in an instant and it all happens outside of a perception which we integrate within our human consciousness.   We all share the same photon within us and that photon is shared among the Entire Universe.   It’s not a particle because a particle implies a portion and a photon is a quantum form of entropy and reverse entropy simultaneously.   It’s a disorder that leads to order and an order that leads to disorder.

If you are able to transition your consciousness from your body through meditation or psychedelics this becomes very clear….that you are absolutely not what you appear to be in physical form.  That is only the illusion.  What you are is so far beyond that physical form that you absolutely cannot fathom it because you are in it.  The eye cannot see itself except through a reflection and at that point it is looking at something different than what it actually is because it is being translated through another medium.  You are attached to a template which you cling to in your current state of being.  Pop out of that state and you instantly see the patterns that you have attached to your limbs, head, torso and internal terrain.  Those patterns are filled with memories of experiences in this life and coding in your DNA from your ancestors and who you once were.  You’ve attached to a pattern to create all of these and they are very precious to you at this time so you can enjoy this body on this planet.  But if you try for even one second to separate your consciousness from this body while you are still attached to it, it’s not something that cannot be explained in words when you come back to it.  You can certainly try, but language is not capable of explaining it.

And there are patterns at every stage of human life and the Earth’s consciousness itself that are different from the patterns at other stages.  Our biology and epigenetic triggers within us guide our behavior across these different stages.  We can also observe something as complex as individuality and start to break down what a beautifully engineered system it really is.  Because the complexity of what is the Universe is what is happening within the cells of our individual bodies.  There is no difference between those two things except for the size of the system.  Variability between individuals is attributed to epigenetic differences or exposure to different environments and ancestral DNA.  That’s why one lifeform or planet within a galaxy may behave very differently from another because it has its own set of rules it has set up for the consciousness of that system.  You have different gravitational waves and forces, physics and life forms on other planets that are different form our own here on Earth.  It’s all a reflection of the energy within the system.  And within that system we can see a lack of order or predictability in what we would define as entropic states, but there is also as much the opposite of that or negentropic states which are what we perceive as more order, organization and structure as we see in the human body.   The human body is no more of a negentropic state as is for example our star system or our galaxy because that is all created simultaneously within a specific consciousness that designs it.  It's the contrast of entropy and negentropy which each the other are mutually dependent.

The more solid and dense a reality is, the lower the entropic state and less dense and more ethereal an energetic state is, the higher the entropic state.  So the greatest state of disorder happens when consciousness is less dense not more dense because the particles that create matter itself are observed to be more ordered in density and that is why science observes entropic states at the most microscopic levels as positive when disorder is high and negative when disorder is low.

Human evolution as we understand it is largely based on the development of these states within the environmental adaptation in our planet and star system not just random mutations as we have been led to believe through Darwinian concepts which are all theory regardless.  The big bang implodes and much as it explodes.  We created the big bang as much as it created us.  It was entirely based on supporting a dense consciousness that was invited by trillions of planets and galaxies each one with unique relationships within that star system. It is ultimately all disorder which births order and vice versa depending on the magnifications of the system we are observing.

We are simply more complex beings expressing the same consciousness that our bacterial and cellular ancestors were expression billions of years ago.  We just express that consciousness differently from our human form.  The genome is not static and change involves alterations outside of the DNA sequence.

So let’s apply this to the everyday human.  What the human being sees or has been taught to see in front of them is that disorder should ordered.  That is the linear mindset.  In the quantum realm they are both the same thing.   1+1=2 in a linear system.  1+1=1 in a quantum system that represents relationship through a very different dynamic that is complementary, reciprocal unrelated to cause and effect supported by Newtonian Physics.  The Quantum realm is a place where time and space work very differently from what scientific investigations are capable of interpreting at this time.  So if we want to understand order and disorder more within human populations, it is necessary to embrace how they cooperate with each other to shift a specific consciousness.  On the planet right now we have a very high state of order within the political landscape, social engineering, the military and pharmaceutical industrial complexes which have all created very rigid control mechanisms in an attempt to decrease the entropic states which are rapidly escalating because the consciousness has shifted. 

The new world, the new shifts in consciousness are highly entropic states which cannot be reversed at this time.  This means as the world attempts to order more, control more, restrict more, censor more, and make everything align with a perceived political and social correctness, it will become inevitably so rigid that a reciprocal consciousness is forming on the other side of this equation, creating more freedom, more flexibility, more laxity, more kindness and generosity because it has been invited by the opposite pole.  Do you see how beautiful this process is?  How it works in tandem to bring you what you have been asking for, for so long? Because it will all reflect in your life, the way you do things, see things, interpret things, the way you perceive everything you have considered negative, disruptive, uncomfortable, malevolent, evil, has brought an energy to this planet that is going to change everything and we could not have done it without this energy being introduced into a system that invited incredible change in advancing our species. 

You will act more based on observing both order and disorder simultaneously, appreciating its effect on human consciousness, fully embracing the what is, rather than what should be, acknowledging the small changes that are creating grand shifts in the way we feel about ourselves and others.  It’s here.  Look no further than the leaders in power around the world and who they represent to see this in action.  Order leading to a disorder that will fill your heart with love and compassion and a willingness to observe everything you see as perfect and in complete synchronicity with what you are.

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