Deviating From Programmed Behavior

The ability to deviate from programmed behavior arises out of our habits to use past events as tools for present programming. Repeating the cycle of our past to create our present is how we create this reality. It is how we beat our hearts and form our existence in these bodies. We often cannot anticipate things we will perceive as hurtful because our programming is designed to tap into more pleasure than pain. Pain is not fun, or so this is the experience in the human context. If the human wants freedom from self-doubt and lack of power, it involves unlearning what it knows so that it can reprogram and remember what it forgot from coding sequences hidden deep within the DNA matrix. The only reason to deviate from programmed behavior is if we perceive pain and discomfort that disrupt our patterns of living in the contrasting energy. If an experience leads to a broken leg, you will most likely avoid that same experience in the coding sequence. Alternatively if an experience leads to pleasure and joy, we may repeat that coding sequence if we found it very comfortable. Why do we avoid one path if it leads to another?

Why do we continue to repeat some sequences that lead us to pain and discomfort? The answer is quite simple…they lead us to the contrasting pleasure through a coded sequence we have learned to embrace. Equally, those experiences we code in pleasure will often be repeated because they lead us to a discomfort that allows us to continue the cycle. How do we pop out of this loop? We can’t. That is what we are. The only thing we can do is observe the cycle so we know why we enter these phases and so then pain is no longer coded as pain, but a means to more pleasure. And so pain then becomes something pleasurable in another realm of our existence we may not be aware of from the human form. Hence deviation from programmed behavior to create new patterns involves the cycle of observation and embracing this spiral of creation to give us the full spectrum of human experience within this existence. If you want to pop out of a programmed behavior that is very uncomfortable, observe it outside of yourself, that is when it comes, see yourself committing to the behavior as a bystander and eventually you will observe the energy as formless beyond the physical form and more in terms and relation to the electromagnetic potential it serves your future self. This way we integrate past, present and future simultaneously to a fractal of consciousness we observe at this moment.

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