How Relevant is Astrology To The Human?

Astrological alignments all have relevance according the consciousness that embraces it.  But it’s simply cycles which are no different than a menstrual cycle, lunar cycle, solar cycle, cellular cycle.  It’s all about cycles.  Cycles involve math and math creates patterns we design. At a biological level all human life is linked to these cycles.  So there are always pattern alignments which are synchronous with every human being.  You can find every single quality of a specific moon sign or birth sign in every human being.  We all have these qualities which makes most of the specifics almost arbitrary and irrelevant.  What they represent more than anything else are filters.  These filters contain belief systems that hold a relationship between the celestial bodies and our specific behaviors so there are correlations not causation.  There is a difference.  Too many attempt to relate causality when referring to birth charts and signs and they are only correlations with absolutely massive grey areas. So it’s almost impossible to pinpoint anything with any consistency to any sign at all.  The distortions in astrological discussions are of magnitudes I cannot even describe here because they are so limited in scope compared to the grand system within our galaxy.  The angular relations of planetary systems in our galaxy are so far beyond what is specified as truth in astrology.  In the end, if you find something that resonates in astrology, that’s awesome, let it be a tool to enhance what you feel about yourself.  If it empowers you, use it. 

Ultimately it is a belief system, just like the belief system that you are on planet Earth just like the belief system that you are a human.  It’s not what you are, it’s what you think you are.  If what you are really had something to do with the month you were born, you would have to take into account everything in the Universe happening at the time of your birth, not only our limited Solar System.  What you really are has nothing to do with astrological alignments at all because you’re not a physical body.  It’s another way we label ourselves into being. I’m strong, I’m weak, I’m an alcoholic, I’m evil, I’m a man, I’m a Christian, I’m rich, I’m poor, I’m Scorpio, I’m Capricorn.  That’s what we say we are and if we are defining ourselves based on a preconceived version of somebody else’s story we will go with it if it resonates.  Something I find with great consistency is that those who always have the need to refer back to astrology to define their lives, behavior and relationships with others are very torn about their own lives and find solace and comfort in promoting the astrological definitions that align with their sensibilities of how people should be or act towards them or why they act in a specific pattern towards others.  They are permission slips we use….something outside of ourselves we give power to giving a sense of comfort to our own existence and why we are the way we are. 

So the best way to interpret astrology is cycles representing shifts in human consciousness. That you are not necessarily a specific type of person because of when you were born, or what time you were born, but rather you are the way you are because everything was perfectly in place with all of your creation, not just time and place on planet Earth.  Essentially you could not be who you are, born when you were, unless others were born when they were at the time they were, so then your Scorpio means absolutely nothing without its relationship to another’s Capricorn.  Your Scorpio would not exist without another’s Capricorn and vice versa.  Their Capricorn is irrelevant without your Scorpio.  But what is that?  It’s you.  It’s me.  I am not me without your place in this world just as you are not you without my place in this world.  Signs then become redundant tools that mean absolutely nothing without our belief systems around them.  The orientation of a star system on the other side of our galaxy may have far more relevance in the way you are than the month you born in this star system…all we know are correlations not causality.  Astrological definitions mean nothing without our creation of them within the relationship of the Universe.  Who created that?  We did.

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