The Caca Universe

Yes it’s a strange topic, but defecation is very much analogous to the birthing of our Universe. All feces contains end products of metabolic fragments, a consciousness which is birthed through the process of our defecation. Once these end products reach a specific size, there is a pressure trigger and they must be ejected from the body so they can be birthed into a consciousness, recycled and transformed further. Without that pressure trigger, this consciousness is not birthed.

The Big Bang theory is only one interpretation of our inception as a Universe among many, but it came with the assumption that it all had a beginning and will have an end. Yet assumptions in Quantum Physics state different variations of the same Universe are always being created and destroyed infinitely. This happens outside human consciousness. It’s somehow in the expression of a dimension unknown to us, and the grand mechanisms of how those patterns of consciousness evolved from one system to the next are also unknown relating to the many galaxies and the foundation of our Universe itself.

Some assume a pre-universe collapsed on itself into a singularity which then exploded and produced all in existence within our Universe. Others theorize that a deity created everything out of cloth and a great imagination. An expanding and contracting universe would at least help explain the Big Bang theory in part because once a pre-universe collapsed we could be left with a singularity to explode again into growth. This growth spurt was instigated by a fluctuation in a quantum field, and something similar could happen at any time and any place. That not only means that other universes could be invisibly branching off from ours, but also suggests our own universe could be one branch of an infinitely old multiverse.

Our current theories on the inception of the Universe assumes a conceptual framework of what we know from cause and effect Newtonian physics rather than what we don’t know in Quantum physics. If everything comes from something and nothing simultaneously, nothing is birthed into being without a consciousness creating that birth cycle just as another consciousness creates the death cycle. It’s the same consciousness but these two systems split, always working together in sync at all times. They each give the illusion that there is no continuity.

Perhaps our universe was never singular at all, maybe it was part of a greater system of fragments within a multi-verse and so on where fragments gather and continue to create pressure until they must discharge and transition. So then other variables and forces allow countless numbers of these fragments to be expressed in another consciousness than where it came. It goes through it all, growth, death, assimilation, and then on again to transformation. This is how every Universe cycles through its existence, just like Caca.