Life Appears To Bring You The Same Tests

Is it actually the same test though, or different and just appearing the same? Do these tests keep coming until you pass them or until you realize they are simply the energy of your consciousness in this density?

Earth is a test of energy, but we like to think it is a test of humanity and Gaia herself. We are simply the conduits expressing the energy because we can. Tests are also forms of play and amusement. So while we may feel the test is for us to pass and achieve a milestone, there is an expression of energy which doesn’t care in the slightest about getting better, further or declining and getting worse. It could not care less either way. It doesn’t really care in any bias at all. It’s indifferent. It simply observes and is satisfied with whichever direction it goes. The experiements are in both directions. You can’t fail and you can’t pass. So what are you testing then? Right/wrong? Performance? Quality? Reliability? You decide. If you think you can pass, you can and you will. Same for failing. Either way it’s your design. Play your game. Nobody really cares but you.

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