Denial of Duality

Part of the beauty of non-duality is embracing and rejecting the duality matrix simultaneously. We do this because we can and it’s fun. Awareness that all is one can often lead us within form to reject that there are other elements of contrast within our consciousness that we have designed to contend with, yet we may refuse to interact with them at a conscious level once confronted. And since non-duality exists in relation to duality (and vice versa), the more we become infatuated with non-duality from an egoic perspective, the more we may choose to dismiss the beauty of our nature within duality. It’s a God complex within the egoic self, where the one and all realizes the beauty of the game within form and chooses either a path of flow or resistance to reinforce what it believes is its place within it. Hence the egoic self, as beautiful as it is, plays a very dominant role in what it perceives as a very spiritually evolved presence within, or at least this is the claim the egoic self relies on to continue the illusion of their game. That it is better than others.

It essentially becomes a defense mechanism for the egoic self to feel safe. Self-care then takes precedence and becomes a survival strategy first and foremost. Taking care of ourselves from this perspective is mission number one regardless of the impact we have on others. The egoic self then shields, filters and disconnects from the feelings of others because gratitude becomes a footnote and insignificant. We become obsessed with avoiding rather than accepting. We repress and suppress rather than yield, support and compliment the energy we have designed. Intense victim/perpetrator relationships may persist in this mindset because the egoic self rules this realm with an iron fist to maintain a state of illusion that is always attempting to rise above it all rather than let it all be. Because letting it all be is far too frightening for one that is always attempting to feel safe.

How does this apply to humanity? We when reject our duality based on the egoic version of non-duality, we can use permission slips and excuse any act we deem as acceptable. We may claim that the emotional states of others based on our actions are irrelevant because their reaction is due to their own shortcomings regardless of our role within it. We can project and impose ourselves on others in any manner we perceive appropriate, because this system of belief then relies on a hierarchical consciousness that eventually leads to our way or the highway. This can be perceived by society as condescending, patronizing, arrogant and diminishing of a very specific unity that many human beings strive for, in their faith, or in the moral code they have ascribed to. The perception within a position of morality then becomes one that feels violated, used, abused and lacking compassion.

Denial of our duality has taken on many names within metaphysics and psychology and there is growing interest in how this energy evolves within the human being because it creates very specific and inherent challenges within mind, body, and spirit. The human condition can be one we embrace or deny. Either way, it serves the greater consciousness that is you and I.

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