Becoming attached to anything is being human. We become attached to people, things and experiences because attachment is part of our humanity. Our consciousness is always attached to our body and if we want to permanently detach from it, we must transition the physical vessel. In fact our consciousness is so integrated with our physical body, we can’t imagine what it would be like to be without it….without form.

So as long as we are experiencing form, we are experiencing some kind of attachment. Attachment can be as much love as it is hate….as much compassion as it is fear. We attach to different forms of consciousness to help us identify our state of being, including the wide range of emotional states within the human being. There are many beautiful attachments we form such as those we experience with nature and our children, and others less appreciated such as those with addiction or behaviors that cause discomfort and disruption in our lives. All are perfect for the consciousness it serves.

Attachment can be the root of suffering as much as it can be the root of love and compassion. There are a multitude of attachments that serve the unity and integration of humanity just as there are those that serve our division and separation. Attachment can serve as a problem for those who choose to suffer and also as a solution to those who choose to transcend suffering. There is no right or wrong way to attach to anything, however observing how we attach and why, can give us incredible insight into the dynamics within our personality, methods, expression and why align with a specific mindset and not others. Attachment is a platform to awareness within contrast, so feel free to attach with what you wish because you are always detaching from it simultaneously, otherwise you would not be able to attach to it at all.

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