Science Is Always Behind Human Perception

Science knows less than 5% of what is reality.  The other 95% that it doesn't know is what makes reality.  DNA is a perfect example of this disparity where less than 5% is known of it's structure and science calls the 95% junk DNA because it doesn't know what it does.   Because what scientists can't test or qualify through scientific inquiry becomes "junk".  Yet in that 95% of our DNA is the blueprint to what we are.  There is no quantum device that can peer into DNA and reveal its workings.

Science can't even define space, time or even matter.  A physicist can't even tell you how a particle obtains its mass.  

Science only knows intellect.  That's it.  It can't go beyond intellect because that's all it ever knows.  That is its foundation.  Science also changes through the ages as more wisdom breaks through its strong filters.  Science didn't know about the most elementary particles existed until they found them.  

Science didn't know about microorganisms and bashed any researcher claiming that any existed just than 200 years ago.  

Science once upon a time thought an atom was not divisible and now we know it is. 

Science once thought that the Universe revolved around the Earth.  

As we progress in consciousness, science evolves.  Science can't even remotely provide answers about any of the things it hasn't tested whether secular or non-secular because it relies of aspects of consciousness that are linear and rigid.  

If all you know if linear physics, you can't even begin to understand how multi-dimensional
physics is worlds apart.  Physics is driven by consciousness not the other way around.  The only knowledge that is acquired comes through perception and senses, but we have more than five sense and there lies the problem.  The others are not tested because there are no devices that can test them.  

So science is always behind human perception because of its limitation which does not take into account other senses of perception that result from the DNA field, which itself is multi-dimensional.  There is symbolic knowledge attained through science and then intuitive knowledge attained through other levels of perception.  

The doorway to knowing comes from admitting that you don't know.