Change Is The Only Constant - Count On It

There is a common patterning in our minds that transition from dark to light should always follow the course of unity and agreement among all of those making the collective agreements. 

It's happens in our body all the time.  We think when we exercise we should lose weight because that's the agreement we made with ourselves.  But there are other processes at play in the body that have there own path until the rest of the body really convinces them...hey were exercising so we must change.  That takes time.  

Most agree we need more compassion, more love, more cooperation, more peace, more harmony with our fellow human.  But that comes in different flavors.  Surely many in the crowd who voted for Hillary in 2016 wanted many of these same things those in Trump's crowd wanted.  It's just a different approach. And because of different approaches we get what appears to be division, separation and chaos hence the Trump effect.  

But what else does this chaos bring, especially if it goes contrary to every last movement preceding it?  It brings change.  It brings more awareness and more benevolence of many kinds.  It ultimately brings, albeit slowly, compassion and harmony to our fellow human.  

Think of all what we perceive as the worst leaders and dictators in history...they all (after the fact) brought immense change and compassion to the world.  Trump is certainly not the worst leader in history and not the best either, but what we do see is that he has brought change the world needed to making the adjustments that align with our consciousness.  It polarized the world and that's something we invited to this planet.

 Too embrace the grand landscape, you have to be far above the horizon to obtain the
perspective required to appreciate it.  Don't look through your basement window because you will only see the soil.  At least meet me upstairs.