Atheists are among the most highly criticized individuals in almost all religions.  Yet, they are some of the most incredible beings among us.  If you place tremendous  faith in your non-secular beliefs, imagine what it would take for you to completely disconnect from what you perceive is God, your creative source or all that is, and believe there was nothing after this physical body.  To believe you are nothing but a biological machine. How many filters would you need to be placed in your field of awareness to prevent the love of all that is from streaming into you and from you?  Some could not even imagine it.  Yet this is the mind of an atheist.  

The mindset of an atheist comes as a gift. Some may never sway from this view in their lifetime because it serves them.  But others will and do.  And the ones that do will have something very special because they have completely surrendered their belief in a deity so they could once again attain it.  That is very powerful.  The journey of discovery of our truth is always more precious than the truth itself.  

It is very much like our own ascension process from density back to light. The more we journey into contraction, the more the scales tip on the other side when it's time to shift to something we never thought we were, and then we expand.  The more we pull back a string from a bow, the greater the energy on the other side when it is released.  

Atheists also have a tendency to connect well to Gaia and the planet.  They believe in nature and the power of the planet so the easiest way to connect with an Atheist is to talk about what they love the most.  In that place you will always find commonalities and love which unite us all.