The Consciousness of a Virus, The Consciousness of a Human

A virus cannot use its own genetic material and also only reproduces with the assistance of other genetic material. Consequently, it cannot be classified as something that is a living thing. It's not alive and is completely dependent on another organism because it always needs a living cell in order to function and reproduce.  Without the host cell, a virus is useless and cannot divide.  And although most living things function with growth cycles, a virus does not need growth, it only replicates.  

That makes a virus the perfect catalyst.  It changes other things and it can do that while remaining unchanged itself.  All viruses carry very unique vibrational signatures which resonate clearly in their hosts.  Because of this, no virus can enter the body without an invitation from its host cells. The host cells need to vibrate at a specific rate to match the virus' resonance.   

So just like all consciousness, every single viral infection (regardless of the type) is invited.  Most of the viruses which originated more than 20 years ago contain frequencies which currently do not resonate with our current consciousness.  Viruses such as polio, smallpox, HIV, ebola and many others are not able to infect most populations because their resonance cannot match the frequency of the host cells.  These viruses are still transmitting the same frequencies they once did, but they don't have as many receivers responding. Viruses such as influenza are able to infect with greater consistency because they contain frequencies which a greater percentage of humanity can utilize to recalibrate to other levels of consciousness.  So if you've found yourself with many colds or fewer colds in the last few years, it is directly linked to the recalibration required by your DNA field.

Thus, consciousness of a virus always serves as a catalyst to recalibrate human beings.  The grand system of advancing consciousness on planet Earth is viral.  Among the most powerful contributors to this process are the catalysts, those who can change and move energy without changing themselves.  They understand they are most effective when invited to change a vibrational pattern, not through imposition or dominance, but by request.  That sets off the SOS for compassion, and workers within the light are primed for these requests.  The most incredible thing is...the more we listen to these requests, the more others do as well, and then they starting doing it themselves.  This is how we replicate a frequency through the fabric of consciounsness... by letting it ripple through the receivers who are most attuned so they can then increase their own transmitters.  There is no energy in our galaxy that can do this better than humanity can on this planet.  We are the ones we've been waiting for and we are viral.