Darkness and Light - Two Processes That Invite Each Other

Two exhaustive and mutually inclusive processes are happening at the same time when darkness and light meet.  Both Light and darkness expand and contract.  Light continues expanding until it feels some form of contraction in the form of darkness.  If it didn’t have this, it would flood absolutely everywhere and everything. Darkness expands itself until it can no longer continue in maintaining its darkness.  Then it contracts onto itself.  If there is too much light, darkness cannot absorb it.  It's needs the right amount of light to continue being what it is. 

In physics, we know that darkness cannot exist on its own without absorbing light, yet light itself does not necessarily require darkness for it to exist.  This is the assumption in the Newtonian model of physics.  The degree of darkness always depends on the light being absorbed or reflected.  Light absorption is dependent on the frequency of the light being transmitted.  The more darkness absorbs light, the darker it becomes, but the more light reflects itself, the brighter it becomes.

Thus, darkness and light cannot exist on an equal playing field.  If they did, light would always appear to dominate the game.  If your light fades in the presence of darkness, it will be quickly absorbed.  Yet, if your light shines bright, darkness has no chance of remaining dark in your presence...it must either become brighter than what it was, or find other sources of light that it can absorb to remain dark.

The purest light will always welcome darkness because it is not afraid to keep being what it is around the darkest of the dark.  Darkness will always invite light, but will also resist it otherwise it becomes light itself. It doesn't want too much light, or it stops being what it is and will scatters to find familiarity at other levels.  Darkness wants to remain itself until a light consciousness gives it a reason not to.  Light wants to remain itself until a dark consciousness gives it a reason not to.

With every breath you take, you make the choice whether you would like to be the light that is reflected or absorbed.  This allows human consciousness to contract so that it can expand, or expand so that it can subsequently contract.  Both contribute to the micro and macro cycles in the spiral of creation.  In the polarity consciousness of this planet and galaxy, it is an inescapable dimension of our reality....a beautiful game, and the human being is one who has mastered it.