Pain Is Transition

We may not immediately recognize it, but we take pleasure in our own suffering to achieve a specific level of consciousness. We don't consciously seek suffering at all times, but we do love to put ourselves through hardship, discomfort and difficulty because this is often what gets us to other places we do seek. Why do so many of us take the route of a perceived pain to get to where we would like to be?

It's how an athlete can take ice cold baths to recuperate from a hard training session. It's a how a woman in labour can transition her pain to welcome the birth of her baby. It's how we embrace the stinging sensation of iodine to heal wounds. It's how we can accept the pain of our children's distress in life so that they may see another path. It's how we endure anything that does not immediately resonate so that we may transition from one state of consciousness to another, and this then reflects another version of ourselves.

This is the navigation route we take for all pain which ultimately is only a perception of our choice. What about injuries? Yes.  Disease? Yes. Tragedies? Yes. Regardless of the perceived pain, it always brings us to another state of awareness and connectedness within us. Pain is the grand shifter of consciousness, because out of the poles of duality we see how they merge into one. There is only one thing that allows us to endure pain, and that's the love we are greeted with on the other side of that equation. There is no need to fear pain. It's a gift you give yourself so that you may honor a new version of what you've chosen to be.