Birthing of a Consciousness - Reciprocal Arrangements

Imagine a first time mother with her new baby.  The mother cannot give birth to the baby's consciousness without the baby giving birth to the mother's consciousness.  Each consciousness was birthed by the conception of the consciousness that became baby.  They share that consciousness. The mother's consciousness is then in its infancy.  The baby's consciousness in the world as a human is also in its infancy.  Neither can exist without the other.  A mother's infant is no different or separate than the mother herself.  It's simply continuity.  We perceive them as separate because they are two separate bodies yet they share a consciousness.  And a mother's consciousness will always be different from a father's consciousness because the father did not give birth to the baby, so the reciprocal relationship is very different.  This role of the feminine divine is one which holds the one of greatest nurturing and compassionate vibrations in existence. Far greater than the masculine divine, but they work together to achieve it.  The reciprocal arrangement from mother to infant and infant to mother is the epitome of how the birthing of consciousness works in reciprocity.