Bonds Are Formed Through Agreements

Bonds are formed through agreements, not through contracts.  Contracts imply consequences for not doing things....cause and effect relationships and elements that require enforcement.  Bonds are formed through a reciprocal exchange of energy and a mutually beneficial agreement that does not form unless there is cooperation between to the source and its complement. If there is no reciprocal energy, there is no need for the bond. It is not cause and effect. It is a quantum coupling where each has accepted to be in service to the other.  That is the nature of quantum energy and when driven in a system which caters to duality, the poles are very powerful, sometimes exhibiting extreme contrast so that the bond is perfectly formed according to its role.  And whether you perceive that energy as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative, the bonds are formed according to that perception. 

All chemical bonds on planet Earth align with human consciousness and Gaia herself.  All elements on Earth correspond to the consciousness on the planet.  As a consciousness changes, so do the elements on the planet and matter itself.  All of this happens through energetic bonding that connects one field to the next until trillions of agreements are made and all are aligned to form a consciousness that has been invited by another.  Without these bonds, formed through quantum energy, our fabric of our reality does not exist as we've designed it.