All the YOUs Are Happening At Once

As humans, we cannot begin to fathom what a soul truly is because we are dense beings in physical form. We have limitations we impose on ourselves that keep us from seeing certain things, otherwise the game would be over. Frequency is a time-based fractal and it's easy to make assumptions that all reality outside of our own dimension is based on this same fractal. There may no frequencies at all since frequency is time-based and Quantum energy is not time based. It is only through the separation of consciousness that time can be constructed. When a consciousness sees itself as one, time is not possible because there is no movement, sequence or order of things within that consciousness. It is only separation that allows the time construct to even exist.

It is difficult to conceive of no beginning, no end and no time, but quantum mechanics has explained how space-time emerges from quantum entanglement. It is quantum mechanics that shows us that it's built through specific energies and forces, many of which do not exist in other dimensional levels of reality which we cannot yet explore.

There is no creation of existence. Existence is existence. The spiral of creation is of potentials within existence.  Everything that exists can't not exist.  You are infinite and will always exist.  The only constant is the change of what is you.  Only probability and potential changes the variability of existence itself and how it is assembled.  You can't even imagine anything that does not exist because you would have nothing to pull it from in the first place. Everything that exists will always exist. It is in a permanent state of existence.  It is beyond imagination, because imagination only falls within the known and all that is existing is primarily unknown in this density.

The concept of an ongoing YOU through time happens simultaneously outside of time. All the YOUs are happening together all at once. Their continuity is only an illusion that we perceive because of the spatial dimensions in which we play.