Schizophrenics - Among The Most Powerful Witches

Some of the most suppressed witches today are society's schizophrenics.  They are among the most powerful witches on the planet.  Witches have always been perceived as "crazy and nutty" because they really are "crazy and nutty" in a way that is so incredibly benevolent, it is beyond words.  The feminine energy is most capable of witchcraft, but the masculine energy is also capable.  A witch's power comes from the ability to gather many different frequencies to assemble a diverse range of harmonics and channel them so precisely that the vibration is amplified for a given intention.  That is their strength.  They can do this better than anyone else. The reason they can do it so well is due to the many channels of information they have at their exposure.   This happens within, tuning the frequencies when required.  But when a witch has trouble focusing the energy required to channel the gift, the mind branches off into multiple segments to allow the witch to continue expanding and exploring the gift.  Some witches can have dozens of branches extending from their core self.  In society, this is one way in which schizophrenia is developed.  The schizophrenic is often give pharmaceuticals at a young age to control the symptoms and this inevitably suppresses the gift.  Eventually pharmaceutical intervention leads to a dysfunction so the schizophrenic can once again discover the function and expand from it or contract further.  The next time you look into a schizophrenic’s eyes, look deep and you'll discover a power waiting to be unleashed.