Why Do We Always Seek To Help and Fix What Is?

What makes us believe anything needs helping?  It's usually a view that things aren't right the way they are.  How can that be if we're seeing it and experiencing it since no environment is possible without the creation of that environment from our own field of awareness.  We see a cat run down by a car on a busy highway and one person says it is practically dead, no point in risking our lives as they are afraid they may be injured stepping out into that traffic to save it. Another says we must rescue it at all costs just in case it has a chance to live.  Yet another says the cat chose a path and now it has experienced it.  Different perspectives neither more correct than the other and all from a perspective of love in different ways.  

We can think we are victims of outside forces that have shaped our reality, or we can embrace that what we can create is the product of interaction between what we are and our environment which is only ourselves.  That is and can only be our creation from our perspective.  It's a choice.  One is not more correct than the other.  It is simply a choice.  The choice is always about how we are going to play within this playground we see in front of us.  Is a higher conscious order dictating how it all happens or are we as conscious beings that higher conscious order ourselves?  If we are all that is, why would helping or fixing anything be necessary? It's not, but we like the game.  We like fixing stuff.  We like helping where and when we can.  Polarity consciousness always invites two energies to work together in perfect synchronicity.  The helper invites the helped as much as the other way around.  The fixer invites something to fix and much as that something to fix invites the fixer.  They are a mutually reinforcing consciousness that births the other.