Do Twin Flames Exist?

If somebody is there to define them, then yes. People are always attempting to find new ways of promoting the concept of soul mates or kindred spirits.  The themes usually center around reinventing a new definition and claim that it is a unique model separate from the rest.  The twin flame (TF) phenomenon is no different, but it sounds sexy and appealing so people get drawn into the mysticism of it all. The TF is claimed to be another human being serving as the other half of your soul and that each of us has only one twin flame whose task is to become more complete in reuniting, balancing the masculine and feminine together. 

The suggestion is we're not complete without this person, the TF is conveniently of the opposite sex, AND we are somehow imbalanced without them and must reunite??  At best, it only adds to that uncertainty of the magic within us.  It makes us doubt our own power and how complete we are in our own authenticity, as self, without any other human being at all.

Who were the twin flames when there were a million people on Earth compared to now?  Where were the other fractals of the soul then?  Just floating around not incarnated into any human body?  Were they not on Earth at that time? Were these multiple fractals of the soul on standby in line waiting to incarnate until more bodies were on Earth?  Or where they within the million.....multiple fractals in one body already sharing a consciousness?  If we are one, then how on Earth can we ever be disconnected at anytime, anywhere, within any realm, regardless of our gender or incarnation within the time/space continuum. 

The soul is one.  We are all fractals of the same soul.  There is no difference between us except that difference which we create.  You can define the soul however you wish and however it works for you, but from my perspective Gaia and humanity are one soul on the planet, one consciousness united.  The TF could equally be your daughter, your father, your family member, your guru, your boyfriend, your spouse, your enemy, your best friend or any other person you feel a strong connection to and there could be far more than one.  Why would we assume there is only one when you are all of them?

Everybody on Earth is a projection of you.  There's only you.  There's nothing more than you. So if you've designed this entire Universe, how can one human being on this planet possibly be more relevant to you as a TF if everybody on the planet is you and part of your soul?