Reincarnation and Soul Purpose

There are linear and non-linear interpretations of reincarnation.  Most of what you've heard is likely the linear interpretation which is also a very elementary and blanket approach to understanding the soul.  Firstly, reincarnation as described in western teachings is largely a misnomer.  There is no reincarnation from the linear perspective since time is an illusion.  Since there is no time, all incarnations happen simultaneously and the soul retrieves the learning experiences from the incarnations all at the same moment.   So there are no infant souls, baby souls, old souls, young souls, new souls, etc.  There is only the soul with no beginning and no end.  It is an infinite and divine representation of what we are.  What you are as a human is a fractal of a soul.  The soul is one.  Gaia and humanity make one soul with trillions of fractals that express themselves in density.  The process of integrating a fractal of a soul and duality consciousness is something difficult to fathom from the human perspective.  It means we've all been each other, we've all experienced what others have experienced, we've died young, died old, been kings and queens, dictators and rulers, males and female, mothers and fathers, murderers and those murdered, molesters and those who were molested, rapists and those who were raped, victors and victims of our own circumstances within our design.  We've been there and done that.  We've done it all.  And one phase of our engagements within the imprint of what made us what we are is not more relevant than another.  They all work together as one.  We cannot apply linear thinking to a multi-dimensional construct that has no beginning and no end.  So to categorize a soul with an age or having to express itself in a linear context or chronologically sequenced incarnations, is an attempt to put order into something that cannot be placed in any order.  

There is no specific focus for a soul.  Again, this is a linear mind attempting to bring clarity to the soul journey.  Ultimately it is a practice in futility.  There is no specific focus or difference for what would be perceived as an infant soul or a mature soul because they are both the same.  This is a game from light to density and density to light.  It's ascension and descension.  It goes both ways.  It's a playground and nothing more.  If we insist we must be born to do something or be on this planet to be somewhere, that's simply a story we've told ourselves to convince us that who were are today is not perfect in our game of choice at this moment.  Having to do something is a linear concept.  Have to go somewhere is a linear concept.  Have a purpose is a linear concept.  What if all you are here to do is play and be you?

There are so many outdated, misrepresented, old paradigm teachings revolving around esoteric concepts which are forced into a box, that so few are able to interpret their own journey for themselves, especially when they fall into teachings that are largely based on linear models.  To understand more of what you are, you cannot obtain that wisdom from can only be found within.  And you can read as much as you like, take as many classes as you like, watch as many youtube videos as you like, attend as many workshops, lectures and courses as you like and none will ever give you the information that you can obtain yourself from the deep queries within you in silence.  What you read, such as the information in this post may complement your own understanding but it can never replace your own understanding once you have initiated that journey inside of you.  So if you think you have a purpose, that's a story.  If you think you are here to play, that's also a story.  If you are determined to have a purpose, you set up expectations of yourself and others that may never exist if you're only here to play.  Because play is everything....winning....losing and neutrality.  Choose whichever story resonates the most.  That's your story.