Guided Those So Desperate To Expand From Darkness

What would it be like to see somebody you love dearly in complete darkness trying to find their way out of a room while you hold the only candle to help illuminate a path? And with love and compassion you try so desperately to get their attention to no avail. Although they can feel your loving presence, they can't see you or your candle. They struggle and you feel their pain and sorrow and wish with all your being that they could see the light you hold right in front of them.

Then one day you notice they've lit their own candle, very dim but strong enough for them to at least see more than darkness. After time passes, you realize their candle is exactly like yours, and it gets stronger by the day. Without ever seeing your candle, they've made their own and it's beautiful, functional and filled with the same love from your candle. Soon enough, they see a path out of darkness, they see you and your candle and they come to an understanding that they needed to shine their own light on the path, for your role was never to guide them out of darkness but to give them the tools they needed to master it themselves.