Unexpected Teachers

Teachers come in all flavors. Those you perceive as hateful are usually your best teachers, especially if they are among your friends and family. A teacher can be from your school, your neighborhood, your church, your work or a stranger walking down the street. They strike a chord in you with the most precious things you hold dear and bring you to another level of understanding and compassion which you can often get a view from while journeying through misunderstanding and fear.

Teachers of tolerance show you your intolerance. Just as teachers of intolerance show you your tolerance.  You would not understand tolerance if you didn't see intolerance

We don't let go of anything. We simply transition it to something more. You can transition anything you perceive an as insult, antagonism, hatred, etc back to love. It is always a choice because you see the grand picture instead of the obvious confrontation. You know it is a process of balance that must play itself out and it's always in your benefit even if it appears it is not. When we see that all perspectives are truth and all truth is subjective, we start to see the world as it is rather than what we think it should be.