What is Enlightened or Awakened?

Becoming “enlightened” or “awakened” in religion and new age terminology is often interpreted as a one stop shop—a destination rather than a journey.  In many ways, it is an unreachable nirvana or an unachievable transcendent state since it is implied as a final goal of which none exists.  Can you imagine how an individual who considers themselves enlightened today will appear to those who inhabit the Earth in a few centuries?  Or think of what we perceived as normal just one millennia ago and compare that consciousness to today.  Each consciousness is perceived as having a very different vibration than the one from where the comparison is taking place.  

Most who consider themselves awakened today cannot even heal themselves from disease or find peace in their heart.  They cannot communicate telepathically, manipulate electromagnetic forces at will, project themselves onto other planets, or even change patterns of their own limitation, all of which may be child’s play in several centuries.  So how awakened are those who claim they are awakened?  We are only as awakened as consciousness permits.  Ascension to other vibrational platforms is an ongoing system that continues as we continue becoming more aware of what is.  It’s a cycle and it’s infinite.  One cycle of awakening may be invited in this galaxy and then another cycle in another galaxy.  And it all happens incrementally on this planet across thousands of lifetimes—a place where we recognize at all levels that we are our creative source manifested in a denser plane of existence.  So there is no such thing as being awakened or enlightened because we are always on spiritual expedition that is awakening and enlightening itself from one state to another.  One phase to another.  One dimension to another.  One galaxy to another.  One Universe to another.  So when will be enlightened or awakened?  You decide.