Agonist/Antagonist Relationships Give Us Such Wonderful Contrast

The more we venture into contrast, the more we realize that things can’t function at all without something complementing it at some level which is often perceived as opposition, but it’s not.  It works together.  They work together in polarity meaning there is an energy transfer from one pole to another so the other can be what it is.  We often see this as agonist/antagonist relationships in duality, but they work together, not against each other.  For example the biceps and triceps oppose each other as agonist/antagonists, but each cannot fulfill their function in their agonist/antagonist role unless each the other cooperates.   So if the biceps contracts the triceps must relax and vice versa.  If both relax there is no movement.  If both contract there is no movement.  Do you see what this means?  It means there is a stalemate in any such consciousness that does not have two energies cooperating as one.  This is what makes the wave–particle duality in quantum mechanics.  Otherwise we would have an energy that just faces off with itself, can’t separate, thus can't see other than itself, thus can't go anywhere, thus cannot count and thus would be outside the time-space continuum as we know it.  So could there be other systems somewhere in the Universe with no contrast.  If there is, I would love to learn how they work.