Benevolence in Everything

One thing that was always made very clear to me in introspection and meditation is that there is benevolence in absolutely everything. The worst of the worst experiences and people serve a benevolence at levels difficult to fathom within our reality on Earth. They serve a beauty and love that cannot be explained in language. So when I see horror, injustice, violence, brutality, anger, greed, torture, wickedness and all other frequencies perceived as negative within human societies, I immediately integrate them in their opposite pole on the spectrum of duality, serving a consciousness that requests them so they may expand from that contraction. And that expansion causes a ripple effect which resonates and inspires the entire galaxy beyond this planet. They are not lessons or teachings. We are simply remembering what we have forgotten. You can't teach somebody to ride a bike if they already know how to ride a bike, but you can always share a beautiful perspective on why they may be riding.

The more I interact with those who contrast my consciousness, my sensibilities, my field of being and what frames my conscience, the more I realize why I ride, and how those who serve me contrast, are me...not just a part of me, but literally me in another form. And so it is becoming more difficult on this journey to see any other human being, regardless of their nature, that doesn't serve the greater context of what I am today. I invite their darkness because it serves. I invite contractions because they lead to expansion. It's how every muscle works. It's how every field of energy works. And so I see patterns of darkness within myself and those who reflect on me, as opportunities to ride, not to any destination, but just ride. And the more I ride, the more I realize I'm not riding at all. The illusion instantly unfolds, the quantum nature of my being becomes clear and all that is left is something I cannot explain in words. So I do the best I can to share the experience through this medium, to broadcast something from me to you that doesn't need words, because I know that you feel it. Thank you for the invitation.