Non-duality Indescribable Without Duality.

It is so fitting that non-duality cannot be described to any human without duality itself. It's also quite fitting that those very strongly entrenched in duality and the right/wrong victims/perpetrators paradigm of our world, are in that place thanks to the reciprocal nature of non-duality with duality.

Because non-duality transcends separation which would be impossible without the dichotomous relationships in duality. So one of the strongest alignments possible with another human, especially one heavily invested in the right/wrong paradigm is to show them the beauty of duality, and not necessarily through a non-dualistic approach that is difficult to explain through language since all language requires duality to understand it.

When you can show them how well both poles work in perfect synchronicity to each other, they relate more, they can see themselves in the equation of both poles rather than an attempt to remove them from the entire equation. Most people cannot and will not embrace a non-dualistic approach, where there is no right or wrong...there just is. It's too impractical a concept for most people to adopt in this consciousness. It's one of the reasons karmic energy is so attractive to humanity because it propels the human into action based on a past fractal of their polarity consciousness. So people relate to it. They also relate more to how poles serve each other so perfectly in dark and light, good and bad. When a polarized event happens in the world and is causing tremendous chaos, the most simple approach to reset an anxious, fearful individual is to show them how that event is bringing peace at other levels. And this can happen at any level, whether it be human health or the political landscape. The key is to allow them to see themselves and then they have a greater sense of compassion for another perspective.