What's the Difference Between Magic and Walking?

There is no real difference between a magic trick and walking.  Both are just perceptions, illusions, deceptions depending on the state of consciousness.  The only appreciable difference is that when the magic trick unfolds we are actively engaged in the thrill of the deception or slight of hand because it was so entertaining. Regardless if the illusionist's methods are known to us or not, it doesn't really matter...we just know it was a trick, and we're often not concerned with the details...even perfectly content with surrendering to it if we can't guess it.

When it comes to walking, we are so accustomed to the forces of gravity, human balance, proprioception, the constant automated firing of nerves, the simultaneous and effortless contraction and relaxation of hundreds of muscles.  In every step there are thousands of calculations and all of that data is processed almost instantly before we can take the next step.  Take even one of these variables out of this equation and walking does not happen.  Can you imagine how your entire ability to walk even one step would shift if suddenly the force of gravity changed by even a tiny margin from what all your cells have known your entire life? The complexity of this movement is magic in other states of consciousness, but the illusion is lost in our human state because we know exactly how to do it.  We can't teach birds to walk better than they can walk, and birds certainly can't teach us that either.  Yet birds have been teaching us to fly since we've shared a relationship on this planet and we only figured it out in the last century.  Why?  Because the unfolding of illusions always happens at the time that consciousness can embrace it.  And they will still be illusions, just ones we interpret differently.  We will always see magic and how we embrace illusion is what makes this such a beautiful existence.   Next time you take a step, see the magic in it.