What is Cold?

If a particle were to move beyond the spectrum of the hottest hot, it would become cold. It would become the coldest cold. Extreme opposites can become the same thing—they can become each other when they move beyond the confines of their extremes, which is only one version they have defined themselves to be. As far as cold goes, it doesn't exist without the contrast of heat. When you touch something cold it is not the presence of “cold”, it is the subtraction of heat. The more rapidly you withdraw heat the more “cold” it feels. Ice has such little heat compared to your body that the heat rushes from your hand to balance things out. Your hand continues to lose heat rapidly until the ice is melted, then and only then can your hand warm back up. The sensation that you feel in your hand, through your brain, is that of heat being sucked from your body. Your brain detects this and calls it “cold” but in reality it is simply the profound lack of heat. So we are literally unable to perceive the contrast of one without the other.

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