Detoxing From Relationships

Detoxing is often an important part of relationships. Not all but many. Detoxing can lasts days, weeks, months or even years. When necessary, it may even transition to decades. A detox can be as simple (and grand) as complete abstinence, or something more involved such as a gradual decrease in the time invested within the typical norms of the relationship. Complete abstinence may spur incredible self reflection and introspection. Intermittent or casual interactions, although limiting the frequency of engagement, may still provide enough opportunity to experience uncomfortable patterns that may continue to surface to some degree. A happy medium is trial and error.

Some friendships can no longer be detoxed. There is simply too much of a difference in perception and interpretation to properly translate elements of the game to keep the other comfortable. It's like the blind leading the blind. Different languages, different translations or so it seems. Sometimes the gradient shift is too steep for either party to make the leap in adjusting to that magnitude. These relationships typically dissolve because there is no longer an ability to negotiate or come to a place where a shifting consciousness may still yield to another. Inevitably, when we cannot yield we will resist, and when we feel this resistance we will typically project that feeling in frustration, anger, guilt and fear. Sometimes it's just best to love people from a distance and cherish the relationship for all the wisdom and practical knowledge it offered. Loving from afar can often be very rewarding as we may learn to appreciate aspects of a consciousness we could not clearly embrace in close proximity or detail.

Some of the most beautiful and peaceful relationships are those that don't need detoxing...ever, because the relationship is founded on a love that embraces kindness, respect, patience, yielding, openness, generosity and is always able to put the needs of others first before self. We often find these people in family circles, but not always. When you do find people like this, surround yourself with them, align with them, query them on their beauty, because when you do, you will discover why you love them, and in that place you will also discover why they love you.

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