Are Humans In Dissonance?

Dissonance implies a lack of harmony.  The word itself is a misnomer.  There is no and can be no dissonance at other levels of awareness since there is only harmony from fractals within consciousness that appear chaotic and dissonant.  There is only resonance and harmony in the motion waves generated or they are not generated at all.  The fact that they are generated means there is harmony at a frequency level which create the fractals themselves.  This is the quantum reality of our material existence which sits deep within every particle.  There can be no dissonance EVER in a reality which has manifested.  Only perfect synchronous vibration that multiplies at infinite levels to create and continue creating.  If the frequency was dissonant, there would be no resonance. If there would be no resonance, there would be no human awareness or creation of what is our reality.

If it's connected and part of the whole, there can be nothing rebellious about reality.  That's only an illusion. It's an illusion many of us play on Earth.   The deepest levels of any game regardless of the dimension or reality, all connect in harmony to the greater whole or they would not exist at all.  That is oneness.  There can be no separation EVER.  Only the illusion of separation exists.

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