Is Your Soul Stuck?

How would you know? If the soul generated this body and is always generating this body, then how can it be stuck? Is the soul mistaken in its creation of what is you at this moment? If the soul doesn’t perceive time, when did it decide you would be stuck? What you insist you are not, you most certainly are, just as what you insist you are, you most certainly are not. Contrast is always playing the game of duality. It’s not like you can get away from the game. If the soul is omnipresent and omnipotent, outside the time space continuum, then it has already experienced your entire life and every life you have ever had and will have. The impression that all that is, or other versions of ourselves are somehow stuck is simply the human interpretation that chooses to mirror everything the egoic self experiences and call it our soul. Get can you get stuck? Sure. Can your soul get stuck? That’s entirely up to you.

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