Fear Of The Old Is Very Pervasive

It haunts without discretion to those who are open to receive its call.

And whether it’s fear of a virus, fear of violence or anger, fear of lack, fear of the future or fear of anything else, it’s the old coming forward and pulling us back towards a more linear and controlling mindset that requires sequences of an older consciousness for things to happen. Fear is part of that same stream of consciousness, for it is aligned with a pattern from what we know to be uncomfortable, otherwise it cannot occur, because the fear needs a record and for that it must count back to the uncomfortable..

When fear diminishes, there becomes fewer things to worry about, and we may wonder why we are not worrying. So we then create experiences to generate a worry that we perceive we are lacking in. We are so brilliant in how do this, and so masterful at doing it every single time we need it.

When people return to fear, hurt, pain, or suffering, they do it because it is necessary to create the subsequent expansion they have learned so well that comes from this specific contraction. It becomes a beautiful part of life. And the fear continues being recreated in their experience until the expansion can come from other forms than those they have learned so well.

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