Something we often discuss is how what we resist will always persist.  Have you considered why frustration is in your daily life, how you think and create your reality?  If you’re insisting you are not willing to do something, then you will always place yourself into an experience where you will be faced with it.  Why even go there?  Why place that strict boundary?  Laxity has its benefits.  If you are adamant about not willing to do something, interacting with specific people or experiences, the Universe will respond…“oh you are not willing to do something so that must be special…let’s give you more of that.”  And so you continue to create the cycle of attracting things you don’t really want because you insist you are not willing to adapt to them.  It’s the same trap of those who insist on avoiding low vibrational people.  They hear you coming and will most certainly make sure you can’t avoid them.

People are in your life for a reason as you are in theirs.  You may continue to be frustrated with others until you recognize the frustration is your own.  People can’t make you frustrated…you do that.  You may insist people have to “clean up their lives and attitudes”. Where’s your role in that? Why not transition the frustration…accept that there are things in your life that may never be how you want them to be because that relies on an expectation rather than just letting things be. 

Yes we love to fix things.  Things are not well the way they are.  Things should be better.  We may not be happy with others.  We shouldn’t change….they should change and it’s their issue not ours.  Others need to get with the program, find their soul and stop bothering me. This mindset eventually creates more of the same experiences and consequently the same reaction from you. And long as we persist with this concept, we will always subject ourselves to feelings of regret, resentment and frustration because of a perception that things are happening to us rather than us creating and designing them.

You are a beautiful person and you are very loved.  Tune into THAT beauty rather than the frustration.  The path to a greater sense of peace and comfort within you will then become clear regardless of what “others” do.

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