Are We Rejecting Ourselves When We Reject An Experience?

There is a consensus among many new age ideologies which assumes that negativity coming from low vibration frequencies should be avoided.  This concept is one approach which assumes we create more unity and comfort levels with our fellow human by rejecting a subset of our experience.  If you are experiencing something negative you are vibrating exactly at the resonance you are and have invited otherwise you would not experience it at all.  Your resonance is bang on in alignment with whatever it is you encounter without failure.  Nothing may negative about it except your perception.  So you’re not vibrating higher than a person that may be treating you like absolute shit….you are aligned with them and if you want to change that, then take both parties for the ride, not just one of you.  This is how we celebrate our differences and invite unity over segregation and division.  If we are always trying to diminish or resist an experience or person because we feel they are lesser than we are, we will continue the path of resisting a consciousness that only wants to align, yet it is from that place we can transform it.  If somebody does something to that we find offensive, we can get angry, we can get upset, we can be frustrated, we can go through the gamut of the emotional range on the spectrum and let it take its course, whatever direction it needs to go. 

We are human.  We will get upset at times and feel uncomfortable and that’s ok.  Feeling these emotions is a wonderful part of our humanity and our construct in this reality.  But ultimately whatever reaction we have is part of our own field of consciousness.  If we seek comfort after being offended, would it not be conducive to seek comfort to explore how we contributed to what we are perceiving as offensive? Or should we simply remain offended?

It takes two to tango.  So from my perspective, I would prefer to unite on a common front, agree to disagree, and simply unite with understanding for my fellow human so both parties can continue to coexist amicably without having to abandon one side of the equation. Because they were obviously there as a teacher for you as you were to them. 

So what’s the problem?  Are we angry at just being angry or can we transition from thinking something has been done to us?  Can we transition from a mindset that insists that we are a victim and have been wronged and instead empower the other party?  How do we take both parties for the ride?  One method is not negating what the other has brought to us, not excusing our role, not excusing their role, simply seeing the design for what it is, letting it be and then finding solace in a more peaceful environment where introspection can triumph and “other” is seen for what it is.  Simply a reflection of what we are.  We then shift resonance and our differences become our strengths.  It’s why diversity always enhances nature and the flourishing of species.  It’s relieving ourselves of the resistance we carry about another human being that liberates us from the attachment we have formed that has caused the suffering.  And this always involves assembling a path of either physical or non-physical communication with the contrasting consciousness which are one in the same.

So hypothetically speaking, if I have resistance to you, I will want to communicate more to find out why and what makes us so different?  Why do you have a problem with me?  Why am I uncomfortable with you?  And then as we communicate, we can discover wonderful things about ourselves and while we both align with a new field of awareness.  It’s how two people may form a new consciousness together as can millions. 

If communication breaks down then nothing more can be done.  So is the other party refusing to communicate to come to an understanding?  Are they blocking, or completely rejecting what you are?  Are they shutting down and completely closing off?  Or are they open to listen and share and love on common ground?  No way is the right way.  The right way for people is the way that resonates, and for some that’s shutting down, for others it’s uniting and discovering differences.  This has nothing to do with focusing on lower or higher vibrations.  It relates to our ability to unite all vibrations so they become one, regardless of how some make us feel. 


I would much rather attempt to unite with an enemy on common ground to discover how we are similar than always having to emphasize why we should remain divided.  That’s my game.  If others play differently that is their game.  We all have our preferences for play.  Sometimes people will see me as an asshole in my game.  That’s fine.  Others will find beauty in it.  That’s fine too.  If it makes you many new friends, it must be working.