The Paradox of Lies

This contradictory-yet-interrelated elements that exist simultaneously and persist over time are the fabric of all form, all density, all you. Because contrast is king. So everything computes, errors all have solutions and nothing is debilitating, unless we really want it that way. Your body reacts to you. Your reactions are yours. How do we detect lies? The only reason your body tells you something is because you feel it and think it. It is a big part of you. It may tell you that a lie is something of a problem because is does not represent the truth. But truth is not king, because truth is based on perspective and perspective is based on contrast. And in that space you create a morality construct that other is doing something to self that feels very uncomfortable. So one suggestion could be to flip the script on other and invite it in for tea, use the gifts you have that detect lies to empower the liars with an expression of love. Then it stops being uncomfortable, because it becomes a source of joy and wisdom for you, where every opportunity is one where you can shine when a truth is unspoken and share your own version.